Empowering people with their data for a fair data economy

Personal data flow demands a global and unprecedented coordination effort

Governance as a game changer

aNewGovernance international association brings together public bodies, associations, academics, start-ups, and corporates from all over the world. This initiative is accompanying the shift to a fair data economy, especially in the context of the GDPR and of the European Data Strategy with the development of Data Spaces (health, skills, mobility, finance, agriculture, energy, administration, green deal). The association's aim is to help build those Sectoral Data Spaces in their Governance and Personal Data dimensions, as well as the Personal Cross-Sectoral Data Space. Even though we kickstarted our work in Europe, we put a great emphasis on our international dimension: we believe we are contributing to building a new paradigm that should be shared beyond the European borders. The objective is to encourage human-centric fair use of data (primary, secondary…), moving away from both All-State and Platform-centric (Winner takes all) models.

Our vision is a global human-centric personal data network in which all organizations take part and where data can easily flow from one organization to the other under the person's complete control and transparency. Discover our concrete data circulation projects.

Our area of interest is first and foremost Data Sharing (crossborder, cross-sectoral) with a special focus on Personal Data Portability, governance, legal standards (consent, liability), certification, technical infrastructure, and processes.

One ultimate goal for the ecosystem should be to create a governance body as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) for Personal Data Sharing: a global standard and governance elaborated by multiple parties from across the world, creating new societal and economic value and generating growth globally, not just for a few dominant players. Above all, we should aim for and build a Governance framework that would ensure fair use of data and strict respect of legislations, regulations, and guidelines, in order to ensure fair and balanced relationships between individuals and organizations as well as between organizations, based on effective and documented trust. 

Our Missions

Promoting Human-centric values

We believe that today’s platform-centric model for personal data has to be over.

People should be able to make the most of their data without jeopardizing their privacy.

People should benefit from easy to use tools to manage their data and circulate them at will.

In this regard, aNewGovernance promotes the MyData principles.

Building a Personal Data Space

aNewGovernance salutes the EU effort to promote data sharing as a way to develop its economy through the creation of Data Spaces.

We acknowledge that the GDPR has paved the way for a digital economy centered on humans.

We believe that we now need to create a Personal Data Space handling all specific aspects of personal data.

As personal data knows no boarder and is not limited to a domain, we need to think cross-sector and globally.

Building a personal data sharing infrastructure

Today only big techs can offer scalable personal data sharing means. Smaller players like SMEs or local organizations should benefit from it as well.

Personal data is not limited to technical issues, it encompasses ethical, political, legal, economic issues as well. We need to take them all into account.

We believe that we need to level the playing field by building a common personal data sharing infrastructure as a new layer of the Internet.

Creating a Governance body for personal data sharing

There is no lack of standards today regarding personal data sharing. There are too many.

Great expertise already exist all over the globe. Let us not reinvent the wheel, let’s join forces.

We believe that the key word here is coordination. We have to build a common understanding and the bridges for personal data to flow.

We advocate for the creation of a new global institution, a governance body, dedicated to personal data.

Fostering and coordinating personal data ecosystems

Many personal data sharing ecosystems are under construction today.

We need to help them thrive and coordinate them.

Only concrete projects will help us to build the standards and the infrastructure we need. It is a bottom-up approach.