Who we are

About aNewGovernance

aNewGovernance AISBL is a market-driven international not–for-profit association headquartered in Brussels. More than 200 organizations from 53 countries have helped building a well-balanced organization, from Corporates, SMEs and Start-Ups, to Academics, Professional and Consumer Associations. It is collaborating with the
European Commission and European Parliament, several European and non-European National authorities and the World Trade Organisation and World Economic Forum.



aNewGovernance started its journey in late 2018 through multiple exchanges with the European Commission about the Personal Data ecosystem.

In April 2019 aNewGovernance united 50 players from 15 countries to publish a report on personal data governance for the French Parliement in partnership with MyData, PrivacyTech, Ctrl-Shift and Stiftung Datenschutz : Une nouvelle gouvernance pour les données au XXIe siècle.



 aNewGovernance participates actively in the discussions with the European Commission about the Data Strategy. 

aNewGovernance worked with Sitra, the Finnish innovation fund on the 35 proposals to make the European data strategy work.

We now collaborate with SITRA on the Health issues (SITRA is coordinating the elaboration of the European Health Data Space.

We also worked closely with the MyData community to publish the white paper: Understanding the MyData Operators.






Management team

Eric Pol

Eric Pol

Chairman & Co-founder / Lead Health

Eric has a 25 years’ experience in Healthcare Mergers and Acquisition, working in Europe and the USA with Funds and Corporates, from Biopharma and MedTech to Genomics and Personalised Medicine. He also worked with Governments and International Bodies such as OECD, NEPAD, WEF, Continua Healthcare or the Transatlantic Business Dialogue.

Eric is the father of four children who bring him direct motivation to help shift the paradigm of Data to Human-centricity, which will particularly have an impact on Health, truly moving it from Sickcare to Healthcare.

Olivier Dion

Olivier Dion

Co-founder / Lead Mobility & Tourism

Pioneer and expert in personal data & data portability for 10y (VRM, MyData, MesInfos). Active with the French CNIL. Speaker at international conferences (IAPP, MyData, IGF, EU Commission events). Advised the French Government on portability, participate in WEF work on data.  

Co-founded aNewGovernance.org. Based on its experience in CRM and open data, Olivier founded Onecub in 2011, a data portability startup that specialize in mobility, retail and finance.

Matthias De Bièvre

Matthias De Bièvre

Co-founder / Lead Skills & Employment

aNewGovernance founder. Matthias De Bièvre is the CEO of Visions, a data portability start-up focused on skills and employment data working with universities, employers, platforms and public stakeholders over the world. Matthias leads the Skills Alliance, organizing the skills data space with multiple stakeholders across Europe. He is regularly invited in Europe, the USA and the Middle East as a speaker on data portability. Matthias is also a board member of PrivacyTech and a founding member of the Institute for Digital Fundamental Rights.

Christine Tartanson

Christine Tartanson

Lead Retail & Food

Christine is an expert in data innovation for Food & Retail. She is Head of Partnerships for Onecub, a data portability startup, and organized the first data portability workshops dedicated to Retail and to Blockchain in France.

Christine is also Board Advisor to several startups for the Foodtech accelerator ShakeUp Factory at Station F. Previously Christine led the European Consumer Product team and founded the Food France Business Unit for the global market research & industry consultancy firm The NPD Group.

Paul Theyskens

Paul Theyskens

Advisor Mobility

Paul Theyskens founded Datamixer, a digital transformation agency helping marketeers with their digital transformation challenges,  sharing the value being generated from their data and invest in trusted relations with customers.
Datamixer focus on people, not processes…. Over the past years Datamixer has been working in the Mobility sector in Belgium, with digital transformation projects for Public Transport Operators, Püblict Transport Authorities and MaaS Mobility as a Service providers.