In the spring of 2020, Sitra and aNewGovernance published their “35 proposals to make the European data strategy work” as a response to the European Commission Communication “A European strategy for data”. This new data strategy was part of a wider package of strategic documents that also included a communication entitled “Shaping Europe’s digital future” and the “White Paper on Artificial Intelligence – A European approach to excellence and trust”.

Those papers call for a move from platform-centric to human-centric data infrastructure, with an underlying concept: TRUST. This is particularly true in Health. With the ageing of the population, the raising costs of healthcare and the current pandemic, it is high time to shift the paradigm of Health and centre it around individuals.


The aim of this paper from Sitra is to encourage us all to rethink the role of the individual in healthcare systems. It is intentional that there is no clear discipline in focus in this paper. The future is made today and it needs to be made in dialogue with a variety of stakeholders. High-level experts contributed to this paper and commentators all had very different views on the field of health and well-being: only by working together can we make the European data strategy work for us all.


Sitra is now leading the European Commission Joint Initiative on the European Health Data Space*. aNewGovernance looks forward to participating to this great enterprise for the benefit of the European citizens.


*: Mission Statement of the “Towards the European Health Data Space (TEHDAS) Joint Action” – The Joint Action helps member states and the Commission develop an ecosystem where health data is shared more freely, boosting the wellbeing of citizens, the public health system, treatment of illnesses, and the research and innovation activities in Europe.


In the future, citizens, communities and companies in Europe will benefit from a protected, secure and seamless access to health data, regardless of where it is stored.