I am proud to say our Board now spans 4 continents after Dixon joins us. This is a testimony to human-centric data infrastructure being on track to become a global standard.

As the Data Strategy and the Data Spaces are being put in place in Europe, as the new US Administration is questioning the operating practices of global platforms, as new digital public and private services are created the world over, it is critical our approach over Personal Data Sharing is truly Global, and brings elements which are not just influenced by the framework of the European Data Strategy we help shape, but is the mirror of the actual needs of individuals, tech-savvy or not, and the realities of a very competitive market. This is why we are thankful Dixon has agreed to join us, bringing his experience of Chief Evangelist of Personium which is the only open-source personal data store platform in Japan.

In parallel to his role at Personium, Dixon is a software engineer at Fujitsu Limited. Currently, he is also leading the MyData movement within Fujitsu.

After attending MyData 2018, he was moved by the passionate people involved and is now heavily involved in the overall MyData movement in Europe, Asia, and Global South. He also drives human-centric projects in areas like data interoperability, child data protection with UNESCO, and common data platform for the next pandemic.

Given his breadth of experience and alignment with a number of strategic sectors where aNewGovernance is currently developing ecosystems, I am sure, he will bring incredible contribution.

Eric Pol, Chairman

Brussels, Tokyo, 14 September 2021