From the press of the European Commission Open Research Europe, the article Eric Pol, Chairman of aNewGovernance, had the privilege to be invited to co-author by the European Federation of Nurses. A pleasure to have collaborated with incredible team: Paul De Raeve and Elisabeth Adams (EFN) , Patricia Davidson (John Hopkins University), Franklin A. Shaffer (CGFNS International) and Amit Kumar Pandey (Socients AI and Robotics).

This article brings together insights from a unique group of stakeholders to explore the interaction between AI, the co-creation of data spaces and EHRs, and the role of the frontline nursing workforce. We identify the pre-conditions needed for successful deployment of AI and offer insights regarding the importance of co-creating the future European Health Data Space.

aNewGovernance is now looking forward to making this paradigm shift a reality through the implementation of a fair and human-centric data-infrastructure.