KP4 to join the Board of aNewGovernance AISBL:

Because human-centric data infrastructure has to be the new global model across all sectors, moving away from platform-centric and state-centric current situations, we are delighted to announce Toulouse-based OKP4 is joining our Brussels-based International Association

As the Data Strategy and the Data Spaces are being put in place in Europe, the other main priority of the EU27 is the Green Deal, probably with even more impact. We are therefore delighted to welcome OKP4 which is bridging both priorities:

“In today’s data-driven society, the success of any organization relies on knowledge extracted from relevant data. Paradoxically, 70% of data produced by companies is not exploited. Worse, data is almost never shared between stakeholders due to lack of standards, trust and/or common interests.

Because data is the only asset whose value increases when it is shared, OKP4 (Open Knowledge Platform for) proposes an infrastructure where stakeholders can share their data without exchanging it with the others. Our infrastructure indexes heterogeneous data and services (AI) to produce on-demand knowledge without disclosing the data. Another particularity of OKP4 is to fairly reward knowledge contributors: it aligns interests between parties, within a framework of security and mutual consent allowing trustworthy collaboration. We believe the current data economy helped by data marketplaces is just a transition towards a more efficient and fairer knowledge economy helped by actors such as OKP4.

OKP4 focuses primarily on the field of agriculture, but is a toolbox that could and will be applied to any data-based usecase. Today, we help organisations extract value from their data and help them build multiparty data-sharing ecosystems for maximum mutual benefits.”

In recognition to its valuable contribution, OKP4 will be represented in the aNewGovernance Board by its President, Emmanuel Aldeguer.

Brussels, Toulouse, 15 July 2021