In 2020 aNewGovernance, Onecub, and Visions have participated with Capgemini in a report for the French Banque des Territoire on the state of the art for Self-Data, and personal data sharing:

In the context of strong digitization of activities and services, the question of control and protection of personal data is a key issue. With this in mind, in 2018 the DPMR was created to provide a framework for the collection and use of data. Also, for a trusted digital world, a new concept is beginning to emerge: self-data.

Self-data can be defined in a few words as « the production, exploitation, and sharing of personal data by individuals, under their control and for their own purposes » (definition given by the New Generation Internet Foundation).

At the crossroads of data governance and digital trust, the control of personal data by each individual is a challenge for the digital projects of European public and private players. However, the construction of such a model also depends on the ability to remove obstacles on the technical, political, legal, and economic levels. This is why the Bank of Territories is publishing a study that proposes an inventory of the ecosystem of self-data actors.

This document aims to provide a clear and updated vision of the actors who propose solutions to implement self-data, the brakes and levers that need to be taken into account, and initiatives that can serve as an example to embark in turn on such a project.